3 New Ways To Use Video To Market Your Business In 2019

If you have even a remote interest in marketing trends, you know by now that video is an essential part of your content marketing strategy. It’s an area that is growing rapidly, with new ideas and methods constantly emerging. We’re sharing 3 video marketing trends that are about to explode onto the scene in 2019 so you can incorporate them into your strategy today!

YouTube Ads

In an average week, YouTube on mobile alone reaches more adults during prime time than any cable network. (Nielsen) With an eye-catching video, you will rapidly be able to increase your return on investment online vs. traditional advertising methods. Consider that advertising online allows your company to specifically target your preferred audience, rather than broadcasting to the masses – making each impression that much more valuable.

Reformat Exiting Marketing Materials

You know that blog that your company published in 2014 that took the internet by storm? Bring it up to date by transforming it into an informative video. “4 times as many consumers would rather watch a video about a product than read about it.” (Animoto) Taking your best content and modernizing it allows you to continue reaping benefits.

Long-Form Video

In 2018, companies ranging from REI to Chevrolet to Estrella Damm saw great results from long-form video. Long-form video is defined as “a video with a longer duration than is typical for its distribution channel. Some standards place the cut-off at eight minutes, but there is no universal rule for exactly how long a video has to be before it earns the designation of long-form.” Whether you decide to take a cinematic approach, documentary-style, or even an in-depth look behind the scenes of your operation, it’s an opportunity for relationship building. This longer format allows you to establish a deeper connection with your audience, giving them more information about your product or service, aiding in their decision-making process.



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