3 Ways To Use Video To Outshine Your Competition

If you’re here reading the Blue Bark Media blog, you probably already know that video is an essential part of your digital marketing strategy. Unfortunately, so does your competition! Don’t worry though – because partnering with a professional team with a wide bench such as Blue Bark Media gives you a great advantage already. In addition, these 3 “out of the box” film options will help your brand stand out EVEN more amongst the noise:

1. Deploy a whole suite of videos, customized to every platform.

If your competition is one of the many businesses utilizing video in their digital marketing strategy, they are more than likely using the exact same video for their website, on each social media platform, and to send directly to prospective customers. When you partner with BBM, we can create a custom suite of videos – each designed specifically for the platform on which you’ll use it. Think widescreen film for your website, vertical video on Instagram stories, and short testimonial clips on Facebook.

2. Think about going live

Have a big event coming up? Partner with Blue Bark Media to live stream it in high definition so that your fans across the globe can experience the power of your business with just the tap of a screen. But you don’t have to stop there! We can create complete event highlight films so that your most iconic events can live on.

3. Custom animation and voiceovers

If you don’t feel that an interview or behind the scenes film fits your brand, consider a custom animation and voiceover like this one! These fun videos really stand out on websites or social media, highlighting the user experience and moving past in-person limitations.


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