4 Elements of a Great Crowdfunding Video

4 Elements of a Great Crowdfunding Video

A great crowdfunding video can make all the difference when it comes to a successful campaign. Aside from partnering with a professional videography team, there are a few keys to really nailing your crowdfunding video.

1. Perfect your elevator pitch

First and foremost – have an engaging opening. People are consuming online content at a rapid rate, so it’s essential that you hook them from the get-go! Then, be sure to clearly explain your product and how it will benefit them. Don’t forget to include a personal element. Consumers love to know the story and team behind a product.

2. It’s all about the visuals

If you’re investing in a crowdfunding video, you already know how essential visuals are to your pitch. Utilize your screen time wisely by showing different angles of your product and your product in action. This will allow viewers to visualize how it will fit into their lives. And don’t be afraid to jump in front of the camera and create a personal connection with your audience. It will help build trust to hear your elevator pitch coming from a real person!

3. Be concise

In order to make a great impression on viewers, do it quickly! Pitches under 3 minutes tend to perform best because they’re long enough share all of the important information, but short enough to keep people’s attention.

4. End with a clear call to action

Once people have watched your pitch, make sure they know what to do next! Direct them back to your Indiegogo campaign and let them know how they can help make your pitch a reality. Crowdfunding success ultimately comes from consumers, so it’s important that they know how much you appreciate their support.


A successful crowdfunding campaign comes down to a great product and telling the story behind that product. For more information on creating a great video and hiring an experienced team to help you do it, visit Blue Bark Media!


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